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Who Are We and Why Have We Built This Site

Hi, I'm Robert Buddan. Myself, Jo-Anne Johnson (former graduate student) and Rae-Ann Peart (tutor), put this site together, primarily for my students in the Department of Government, at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. We started this site in the Summer of 2001.

It is designed to complement lectures for courses on Caribbean politics. It has information on course texts, materials for reading, information on tutorials and teaching schedule, course work assignments and course outlines and tutorial questions. 
The idea is to make the course accessible to students wherever they might be and at any time they want. This is even more possible if they have the main course text, The Foundations of Caribbean Politics.
Attendance at classes is still necessary for the issues to be debated, personal attention to be given and for information to be updated.
Make use of this site as much as is necessary, especially the reading materials. I am always interested in having students help to advance the site, so if you have skills and interest, let me know.