Category of Students:

1. Students registered at U.W.I, full/part time

2. Students registered at U.W.I but in the Outreach Programme

3. Students at University (not U.W.I)

4. Students not registered at any University

What are Courses Online?

Courses Online allow students with access to the appropriate 
technology to earn University credits by taking courses online. 

How do I attend classes?
Students from categories 1&2 have to attend classes.

For students in categories 3&4:
Class attendance is not required, but students are able to 
communicate with classmates and their instructor via e-mail and 
discussion forums. 

What Courses Are Offered?

GT22C - Foundations of Caribbean Politics [3 credits]

GT22D - Politics in the Caribbean [3 credits]

Taught by Prof. Buddan - Dept. of Government

Pre-requisites -
How do I enroll for the programme? 

Students can enroll by printing out and submitting the enrollment form. 
Registered full-time and part-time U.W.I students who wish to enroll in 
online courses must obtain permission from their academic dean. 

Students will not be allowed to enroll until they have obtained an e-mail 
account and provided their e-mail address.

Once you are enrolled, you will receive the address of your course home page
and your password for the course, if necessary.

What are my Technical Requirements?
In order to enroll in U.W.I Courses Online, you will need a computer, 
e-mail, access to the World Wide Web, and a Web browser the equivalent 
of Netscape 4.0 or higher. We recommend that your equipment have at 
least the following specifications:

Computer:   486 IBM-compatible or equivalent Macintosh
Memory:     8 megabytes RAM
Modem:      14,400 baud

When does Courses online begin?

Please See Calender Page

How do I Register?

Please see Registartion Page     
All students will register for the type of courses that
their degree programme allows, or in the case of 
category (4) as the student wishes.
How do I Communicate with My Instructor and Classmates?

Your method of communication is electronic. 
You will communicate with your instructor and your fellow classmates 
through the class discussion forum. Your instructor will make 
assignments that you either will submit via e-mail or post to the
discussion forum, and will monitor the exchanges between students 
and enter the discussions as necessary. 

How Do I Submit Work?

Class assignments vary by course, and your instructor will provide 
detailed instructions on completing the work of the course once you 
are enrolled.

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