Newsletter of the Senior Common Room Club, Mona Campus ISSN 0799-1150 No. 1, March 2001


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BOOK REVIEW by Wes Van Riel - 'Che:Images of a Revolutionary'

HEAVEN'S GATES by David Barker

OPENING TIME.... by Robert Buddan

THE RITUAL DANCE by Andrew Pearson



On June 14, 2001 Mrs. Verna McLean, our always reliable Club Steward, will complete 30 years employment at the Senior Common Room Club.
Miss Verna (Miss V), as she is affectionately called by most members always greets you with a pleasant smile. She looks after the members well, always ensuring that the bachelors and others are fed. She manages the day-to-day finances and helps ensure that our Club remains solvent.
Miss Verna has been married for the past 29 years, with four daughters and one son. Her hobbies are sewing, cooking and relaxing in front of the television.